Dogs WAND has Helped,Page 3
The latest recipient of funding is Lilly Faye,a bloodhound belonging to the London Sanctuary.  Lilly Faye had a number of mammary tumors removed.  If you'd like to help Lilly Faye, please use the button to the right and indicate the donation is to go to Lilly Faye.

This sweet little baby is named Angel; she belongs to HGBSL Rescue located in North Carolina.  She was born October 3, 2014 - she appeared to be a normal pup, until she was old enough to start squatting to go to the bathroom, she would strain and strain - but could never poop. She was taken to the vet and rescue was told that the tubes that run to the uretha and rectum were connected. 2 vets recommended putting her down - but she was completely healthy other than this issue.  She is only 1 of 12 cases in the United States.  She had surgery to correct the problem,but her spincter muscles still are not strong.  If anyone would like to donate towards her vet bill, I'm sure the rescue would appreciate it.  

This little old girl, Kika, was picked up as a stray in Miami.  She found her way to Elfie's Refuge through the help of a couple volunteer transporters.  She had a problem and couldn't poop; the vet had to give her an enema.  Again,WAND stepped in to help.  However, she was too far gone and died quietly in the arms of the owner of the rescue.  If anyone would like to make a donation, this rescue takes the senior dogs and would appreciate your help.  Please indicate the donation is in honor of Kika.
This is Chandler; he belongs to Animal Luvr's Dream Rescue.  He was found on the side of the road; they initially thought he had been hit by a car, but once he was at the vet, they learned he had been attacked by another animal.  The biggest concern was that he drags his back legs behind him.  He has no feeling in his legs and is incontinent.  He's been getting acupuncture and physical therapy at Wild Veterinary Hospital in Deland, FL.  He can now move his back legs and is getting stronger every day and closer to walking again.  However, his specialized treatment is very expensive.  Every week his vet appointment runs about $100.  Please consider making a donation towards his care; mark it for Chandler and will send the funds along to the rescue.