Dogs WAND has Helped
Bella, a senior beagle, is with The London Sanctuary.  Bella is having some mammary tumors and this large tumor on her chest removed and a dental done.  She'll probably need some teeth removed.  

Both Sienna (pictured here) and Serena (her sister) had problems with dry eyes.  Unfortunately, Sienna is diabetic too.  Sienna needs medicated eye drops and insulin.  Both dogs are with Get a Life Pet Rescue.   
Puppy is 13 years old and is currently with Animal Friends Furever.  Puppy's owner lost her job, her house and her car.  All her belongings were in storage, but the storage caught fire.  She has no place to live but is desperately trying to get back on her feet.  In the meantime, Animal Friends Furever is keeping Puppy and her other dog safe and are taking care of them.  
This is Maya; she had Femoral Head Ostectomy surgery done.  We hope she'll be running around again very soon.
Georgia was found embedded in the mud on the banks of the Mississippi river on July 11 and brought to a shelter who called SEMO. She is not walking at this time. She is on IVs, getting antibiotics and under the care of a vet. She is weak and has no muscle tone. Was she dumped in the river and swam to shore then got stuck in the mud? UPDATE: July 12: She is still on IVs but her blood panel doesn't show anything bad. Her electrolytes were down and she is weak. But other than that she seems ok for senior gal who was in a very bad situation. The vet thinks she is possibly a German Shepherd/Great Pry mix around 14 years old.